Demon'strate Documentation

Greetings, Master! This easy and short documentation will help you to install and set Demon'strate theme properly. No hustle, let's dive in.


  1. Go to your Ghost site folder (via FTP or just on hard drive if you are hosted locally).
  2. Find content/themes folder — go inside.
  3. Upload Demon'strate (portfolio or blog-only version) folder there.
  4. Restart Ghost.
  5. Open site's dashboard (
  6. Navigate to "Settings".
  7. At the very bottom find "Theme" line — select "demonstrate" (or "demonstrate-bo" for blog-only) from dropdown menu.
  8. Click "Save".


Inside Ghost

Ok, now it's time for some text work.

  1. Hope you are still in dashboard.
  2. Open "Setting" page.
  3. Fill in info about your blog and upload it's logo and — if you use blog-only — cover. Remember, that the cover must be at least 1024px width and 512px height. If you want your blog to look cool at large desktops — use at least 1024px height.
    For logo minimum is 90x90px (use 180x180px for Retina).
  4. Smash "Save".
  5. Open "User Section".
  6. Fill in info about yourself. This will be displayed at the bottom of every post (avatar, name, bio and cover, the rest is unnecessary).
  7. "Save" again.

Outside Ghost

You do not fear code, do you? Of course you don't. That's great, let's see what we have here...

First, navigate to Demon'strate theme folder and open "partials" — content/themes/demonstrate/partials.


Just skip this step if you decided to use blog-only version.

In order to make your portfolio work, open "accounts.hbs" and paste some words:

  1. behanceKey — this is tricky part. You have to get Behance API Key. But don't worry — this is really simple. Just head to (you should be signed in) and fill all the fields ("Redirect URI (for OAuth)" is not required). Then copy "API KEY / CLIENT ID" line (senseless string of symbols) and paste it to "accounts.hbs".
  2. behanceUser — just your Behance nickname.
  3. dribbbleUser — yes, just your Dribbble nick.

In order to make your blog really yours, we are gonna set some social icons. Demon'strate support Twitter, Facebook, RSS and E-Mail. If you need more — drop me a mail, we'll come up with something.

  1. Open "socials.hbs".
  2. Choose what icons you need and comment or simply delete the others.
  3. Paste links to your social pages inside href="".
  4. Save the file.

Featured content

If you want Demon'strate to display featured content on index page (images, video, music, etc.):

  1. Open "featured.hbs".
  2. Uncomment the last line.
  3. Save the file.


Ghost doesn't have native comment system yet, so we'll have to use third party solution. And this solution is Disqus.

  1. Go to and sign up. Or in, if you already have an account.
  2. Register new site and get a code.
  3. Open "comments.hbs".
  4. Paste Disqus code there.
  5. Save the file.

Analyze it!

If you want to see statistics of your blog, you may use Google Analytics or something else.

  1. Open "analytics.hbs"
  2. Paste code you got from any analytics service there.
  3. Save the file.

Not the end — the begining!

Well done! Your blog is ready to go. Hope you'll like it now that it have Demon'strate on board.

Some important tips before you go:

  1. If you want an image appear in a post on index page — just insert it in the begining of post. Demon'strate will do the rest.
  2. It's a little bit more tricky with videos. To make it appear on index properly, you must implement it's code into video block, like this:
    <div class="video"><!--Your video iframe code goes here--></div>.
  3. To emplement SoundCloud — just paste the code in the begining of post.



Something wrong? Can't make theme work? Problems with configurating? Write me! I'll help you with pleasure: send me a letter.

  • Demon'strate uses wonderfull icons by Entypo.
  • Demon'strate's fonts are Open Sans and PT Serif Caption (cyrillics are supported, by the way).
  • Dribbble API works thanks to jRibbble.js
  • Behance API works thanks to Raymond Camden.
  • Demon'strate's based on Casper theme, the dafault free Ghost theme.

Design and development —


Design mercenary